A goal without a plan is just a wish

Earning and spending go hand in hand but discussing the best approach to a financial plan is often avoided.

Whether it be saving towards a specific goal or just getting a handle on all of your expenses, we are here to help and get the conversation started. Let’s talk.


Financial Life Planning

Need a partner to help you define and reach your goals? Our company builds an ongoing relationship with our clients just as a personal trainer does.  Think of our service as financial fitness. We are here to offer unlimited email support and meet with you throughout the year to make sure you are on the right track towards your goals.

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Investment Management

You worked hard all your life to become financially stable. We will customize an investment plan that incorporates your goals, risk appetite, and time horizons. Every dollar invested should have a purpose; it is our job to identify that purpose and monetize your investment.

Investment management starts at 0.95% for the first $500,000 with breakpoints after that.


Tax Planning and Preparation

We are forward-thinking tax planners with over 10 years of experience preparing tax returns. We formulate customized tax solutions to help mitigate your tax burden and avoid nasty surprises.

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Our Fees
Account Value
Annual Advisory Fee
Under $800,000
$800,001 to $1,000,000
Over $1,000,001

We have a minimum fee of $7,450 per year, which includes Financial Life Planning, Tax Preparation/Planning, and Investment Management up to $800,000. After a client has accumulated $800,000, they are billed on the standard asset under the management fee schedule (per the above chart). We only bill on assets we directly manage.